Sharing the revelation of cultivated meat. 
With an abundance of new choices on our shelves, the alternative food market is growing by the day. Starting with their flagship foie gras, Gourmey is using innovative cell cultivation techniques to reimagine meat.

I worked closely with the Gourmey team to articulate a brand strategic framework that would set them apart from the rest of the space, while communicating their vision for a future where we can enjoy our favourites, without the environmental impact.

Generous to people and the planet. 
In a space where choosing consciously usually means compromise, what makes Gourmey different is their commitment to generosity, to letting people have it all. Where taste, spectacle and sustainability share a table. It’s all about sparing land and animals, not flavour.

This tension was a key part of the strategy, captured in the brand idea of ‘savour the world’. It gives Gourmey clear guidance for brand communications. Balancing being better for the planet, without losing the ideas of succulence and spectacle, while hitting the playful tone that was integral for the brand.

Heritage and the future. 
While the cultivation process is forward-thinking, another important balance was incorporating the sense of heritage that makes foie gras and other decadent experiences so revered. Bringing culinary tradition and innovation together to create an experience that builds on the rich history of foie gras.

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