Taking a neighbourhood spirit nationwide.  Shpock is a local marketplace app. Downloaded more than 50 million times across Europe, it’s the place to come to find great deals or get a great price. To build on its success, Shpock was breaking out of the neighbourhood to offer nationwide transactions. While focusing on tech and fashion items,… Continue reading Shpock

Depop Campaign

Making the world take notice. Following the success of the brand work, the DesignStudio team was asked to conceptualise and create Depop’s first ever global campaign. Starting with the community. As with our original brand project, where better to start than Depop’s own bottomless well of creativity — the community?  From y2k to your local haute couture… Continue reading Depop Campaign


From a marketplace to a mindset. Depop is the second-hand fashion marketplace where the world’s hyper-creative generation comes to discover unique items, connect with each other and express themselves. What makes Depop, Depop.While I was at DesignStudio, I led the strategic phase of the project — interviewing the internal team and users to fully understand what… Continue reading Depop